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Con Vivo on Kickstarter

Recently I’ve started working with Con Vivo, a wonderful music non-profit based in Jersey City. Con Vivo gives free concerts of amazing classical and contemporary rep. After years of concerts, it’s time for Con Vivo to record their first CD! From the Kickstarter page:

The goal is to record music by John Altieri, Lembit Beecher, Judd Greenstein, Dan Lippel and Mazz Swift. None of these works have ever been recorded. John’s piece was Con Vivo’s first commission; Lembit’s was premiered on a Con Vivo concert; Judd was on Con Vivo’s founding artistic board; and Mazz and Dan are members of the core performing ensemble. A Con Vivo CD would let us share this music with a larger audience, and it would help support future projects.

Join me in supporting Con Vivo and get wonderful rewards for your pledge:

Ruckus NYC is funded!

Kevin Clark, Victoria Nece, and I send out a great big thank you to our 95 backers! Thank you for making Ruckus NYC happen. Today is filled with our final prep work (printing, name tags, buying a few last minute power cords, etc). I’m looking forward to seeing you at Cooper Union tomorrow!

10 tickets (and 36 hours) to go!

10 tickets (and 36 hours) to go for Ruckus NYC to meet our Kickstarter goal! Join the Ruckus:

Update #5 from Kevin Clark:

Dear Backers,

Thank you again for being part of Ruckus NYC. We’re working very, very hard this week to make sure that Saturday is amazing. As of now, we’re just about ten tickets away from reaching our Kickstarter goal, and I know we can make it.

Yesterday was a big day for getting the word out about Ruckus NYC. The Huffington Post tweeted about us, Techdirt blogged about us, Tumblr tweeted about us, Mike Roderick blogged about us at One Producer In The City, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN published their interview with us, and even the String Orchestra of Brooklyn blogged about us, not to mention the amazing outpouring of social media love from everyone involved.

It’s also been great for me to hear how excited all the speakers and performers are. We’ve finalized a lot more details of our conference schedule and concert lineup in the last few days, and it’s getting very, very exciting.

We still have a few more sponsored tickets available for artists who need help.

We have 36 hours to go – Let’s put this campaign over the top, and spend Saturday helping artists build their careers, and putting on one amazing show!

And, once again, THANK YOU!

Get your Ruckus NYC tickets!

Have you heard about Ruckus NYC yet? It’s a one day conference about art and the web created by Kevin Clark, Victoria Nece, and myself. We are going to have panel talks about time management, distribution, funding, and community with speakers from groups like Fractured Atlas, Tumblr, I Care If You Listen, New Music USA, Exapno, and more. We’ll also have small presentations by various artists and groups throughout the day. Plus a concert at night featuring amazing musicians and 3 short films!

Head over to our Kickstarter page for all the details and tickets.

Support Sylvana Joyce and The Moment

My good friends at Sylvana Joyce and The Moment have 10 days left to make their Kickstarter goal. I’ve seen them play several times since the group started and oh man are they awesome. Go visit their Kickstarter and donate, get an awesome new CD by an indie band, and support good music..

EDIT (9/7/12) – Wow, they had an amazing amount of support today and hit their goal! Does that mean you shouldn’t donate? Nope. They still have 10 more days. And Slylana announced that if they hit $6k they will pump everyone up an award level.

Ruckus NYC on Kickstarter!

Our Kickstarter page for Ruckus NYC is up and running. Hooray! We’ve got an amazing list of presenters to talk about art and the web, there’s going to be a networking game designed for the event, and the concert will be a rockin’ good time. Can you tell I’m excited?

Enjoy the video, buy a ticket, and we’ll see you there!