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Ruckus Amongstus!

This past weekend I kicked off the new year with a 3+ hour variety show of great music, theater, and performers collectively called Ruckus Amongstus! Developed by past No Signal members, we applied our basic idea of “gather everything you are into right now and put it in one epic event”. We had a great turnout at Exapno (a new music community center in Brooklyn, NY) last Saturday Jan 14. Many thanks to the audience for there support and positive feedback. It looks like we’ll be doing this again!

I was very excited to have included the premiere of Strangeloop, written by Victoria Cheah for me. We had worked heavily on this piece in 2010, made a recording, but never got it onto a program. A strange loop is a system that cycles on itself, self-references, and is a paradox. The classic example is the popular drawings of M. C. Escher.

The event included a gesture piece, rock music, jazz, new opera works, a monologue, and improvisations. Plus we had Dennis Clark and Orlando Klass mixing unique cocktails. We videotaped the whole event and plan to get much of it up on YouTube soon! Check out the program:

Gestenstücke by Juan María Solare
Strangeloop by Victoria Cheah — WORLD PREMIERE
Giant by The Bad Plus
Khan Variations by Alejandro Vinao

***IMPROVISED YouTube Film Scores***

Physical Improv testing for Summer’s Twilight by Kevin Clark — WORK IN PROGRESS
We Two Boys by George Lam

***IMPROVISED YouTube Film Scores***

Textual Healing
Monologue from “A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, and a Prayer”
The Seafarer by Kevin Clark, translation by Burton Raffel
My pain by Edward Thomas-Herrera

***IMPROVISED YouTube Film Scores***

Sylvana Joyce and The Moment

Our wonderful performers were:
Peter Bellomo, Sara Phillips Budde, Kevin Clark, Dennis Clark, Dave Cohen, Michael Compitello, Sean-David Cunningham, Matthew Dunnam, Lainie Fefferman, Michael Feldman, Rachel Gawell, Rose Ginsberg, Zach Herchen, Jaime de Jesus, Alan Jeffries, Sylvana Joyce, Emily Kadish, Orlando Klass, George Lam, Robert Maril, Casey Middaugh, James Moore, Domenica Romagni, Christopher Smith, Andie Springer

AM/PM @ Red Room

I’ve been running around auditioning for DMA programs this past month, but now I’m back in the swing of things. For those of you in the Baltimore area, AM/PM has a great multimedia concert coming up this weekend. We just finished up prep rehearsals in Baltimore (Coming Together pictured above), got all the videos set, and everything is ready to go! Full details:

Saturday, March 12 @ 9pm
Red Room (Normal’s Books and Records)
425 E. 31st Street
Baltimore, MD
$5 door

Thom Limbert: Numbers/Dates (quartet and audio)
Matthew Burtner: Incantation S4=X (quartet and audio)
Jacob Ter Veldhuis: Heartbreakers (quartet and audio/video)

Paul Leary: “I Have A Past Life Memory From The War That Blew The Fifth Planet Into The Asteroid Belt” and other stories from AM Radio (quartet and audio)
Kati Agócs: Hymn (quartet and commissioned video by Eli Stine)
Frederic Rzewski: Coming Together (ensemble and audio/video)

Guest performers: Karin Kilper, Domenica Romagni, Esther Hae-In Choi, and Martha Morrison