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2017 Kicking in Strong!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted to the blog! 2016 wrapped up and 2017 kicked in. Before I knew it, here we are in late May. I thought I’d update things with a few highlights from the past months:

May 17 – I returned to the stage with The Dream Unfinished to perform Evan WilliamsRocksteady for solo alto saxophone.

May 6 – Con Vivo Music performed a Debussy Portrait Concert in Jersey City. I finally got to perform a piece from college: Debussy’s Rapsodie, which was a total blast.

April 20 – New Thread Quartet presented Explorations Vol 2, a collection of (mostly) commissioned works by some incredible composers we’ve been working closely with. It was jam packed hall at DiMenna Center and surely a concert season highlight for NTQ!

March 10 – New Thread Quartet were guest artists at Bridgewater State University’s NASA Region 8 conference. We gave a masterclass on contemporary performance, a panel discussion on managing a chamber group, and performed some of our latest rep.

NTQ Explorations Vol 1


New Thread Quartet recently celebrated our 5h anniversary by kicking off an annual concert series called Explorations. The program featured lots of new music, including live electronics and video, by Scott Wollschleger, Ryan Pratt, Diarmid Flatley, and Pat Muchmore. Stayed tuned as we get ready for our next concert season, including a CD release concert for Elliott Sharp’s Tranzience!

Fashionable Pop Music

Devin Gray Fashionable Pop Music cover

I’m please to share Devin Gray’s new album Fashionable Pop Music will release on Friday May 13! For much of the past year I’ve been working on editing/producing Fashionable Pop Music. The project began as a series of improvised studio sessions that Devin brought to me. Since then we’ve gone through a variety of versions as we condense down the material into an A Side/B Side album. It’s been a blast and I’m very please with the results. I hope you’ll check it out!

Grab a copy, available Friday May 13:

“Without World” in hand

Scott Wollschlege, Without World

New Thread Quartet is excited to have our next big commission in hand: Scott Wollschleger’s “Without World”! We are working our way through the piece in rehearsals and will be scheduling a premiere later this year so stay tuned…

RWO Adams Run recording

RWO Adams Run

Last weekend I got to visit Baltimore for a recording session with Rhymes With Opera. We tracked all the instrumental parts for Ruby Fulton’s massive new work Adams Run, set amidst wild weather in a dystopic future world. Two television show hosts vie for the most viewed program in America. Despite their idealogical differences, existential weather woman Julie Shore and environmentalist evangelist the Reverend Billy Noble fall in love. Television producer Dana Daring tells their story from a news perspective as a series of flashbacks. With multiple screens telling stories within stories, post-Minimalist sounds of wild weather, the voices of eccentric characters, and strains of forbidden love, this video opera explores very real problems of climate change, screen obsession, and overblown media in unexpected ways.

Learn more and support the project on their Indie Go Go page: