Chamber Music:

William Albright – Doo Dah
Shawn AllisonCurrents
Louis AndriessenWorkers Union
Kathleen BaderTwo Songs for the Sounds Outsidecommissioned, premiered in 2011
Jenny BeckA journey: ill
Thomas Benjamin/Roger Brunyate – The Alien Corn Opera, Foxtrot – premiered in 2005
Jason BelcherLavender and the Newt
Jason Belcher – Trude
Matthew Brancheau – Wind Sextetpremiered in 2005
Matthew BurtnerEndprint
Matthew Burtner – Portals of Distortion
Evan ChambersCome Down Heavy!
Victoria CheahElasticity
Kevin ClarkStarlightpremiered in 2007
Kevin Clark – Twelvepremiered in 2005
Kevin Clark – Privationspremiered in 2005
Kevin Clark – Saxon Bays premiered in 2004
David CohenImprovisation I: 3 poemspremiered in 2006
Zachary Crockett – Firepremiered in 2003
John CrouchWilliam Faulkner’s Answer to the Perennial Questionpremiered in 2006
Chaya CzernowinSahaf
Donnacha Dennehy – Glamour Sleeper
Eric DeLuca – White Blanketpremiered in 2013
Matt DiamondThis Was Far More Amusing at Four in the Morning, I Swearpremiered in 2008
Stephen Feigenbaum – Angelpremiered in 2013
Daniel Liot FineKommóscommissioned, premiered in 2011
Lukas Foss – Paradigm
Ruby FultonBest Two Out Of Three
Ruby Fulton and George LamSkeletonpremiered in 2009
Steven Galante – Saxsounds III
John Harbison – Music for Eighteen Winds
Matthew Houghpppppppppppppppp
Lee HylaWe Speak Etruscan
Ying-Chen KaoI Am Dancing Blue Flamepremiered in 2008
Cory KasprzykL!ST3Npremiered in 2007
Amy Beth KirstenFire Ballooncommissioned, premiered in 2012
Sunny KnableLineagecommissioned, premiered in 2012
Adam KnaussRotating Metal Objects
Adam Knauss – Portraitcommissioned, premiered in 2011
Adam Knauss – White Fog, a dreamscape – commissioned, premiered in 2008
Ryan Krauseseparate piece(s
Lori LaitmanI Never Saw Another Butterfly
Lori Laitman – Living in the Body
George Lam – The Person In The Room Wishes To Be Left Alonecommissioned, premiered in 2011
Thom LimbertNumbers/Datespremiered in 2009
Adam Matlock8/5/15\19\14\15\14/4 – 2commissioned in 2013
Fenola Merivale – Stuck In This Spiral of Cornerspremiered in 2013
Darius Milhaud – La Creation du Monde
Tristan MurailTranssahara Express (arr. by Zach Herchen)
Ryo NakayamaXxxx xxxpremiered in 2011
Terry Riley – In C
Niels RønsholdtHammerfallpremiered in 2008 (American premiere)
Moly Ross/Chris Pumphrey – Luna, shadow puppet show with live music
Frederic Rzewski – Coming Together
Frederic Rzewski – Les Moutons de Panurge
Luke SchwartzOptic Thoughtpremiered in 2012
Luke Schwartz – Dream Pathpremiered in 2012
Juan María Solare – Gestenstücke
Juan María Solare – Hypnosis (in another room)
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Tierkreis
Christopher Theofanidis – 30 Seconds of Glory (or “Antipasto”)commissioned, premiered in 2007
William Walton – Façade
Nicholas Werner – Kill Me With A Gunpremiered in 2007
David Witmersnake in the grass, blood in the watercommissioned, premiered in 2010
Viola YipThe Z Push: Temporal Solar Movement


Kati AgócsAs Biddeth Thy Tongue
C.P.E. Bach – A minor Flute Sonata
J.S. Bach – A minor Flute Sonata
Luciano Berio – Sequenza IXb
Eugene Bozza – Improvisation et Caprice
Benjamin Britten – 6 Metamorphasis
Evan Chambers – Deep Flowers
Christopher Chandlera thing of dreams and mistpremiered in 2011
Victoria Cheah – strangeloopcommissioned, premiered in 2012
Kevin Clark – The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrockcommissioned, premiered in 2006
Matt Diamond – Haiku
Gérard Grisey – Anubis-Nout
Paul LearyNumber Stationscommissioned, premiered in 2010
John Anthony Lennon – aeterna
Fabien LévyL’air d’ailleurs – Bicinium
Katarina MiljkovicIf in a winter…
Victor Morosco – Blue Caprice
Ryo Noda – Mai
Mattias SköldFar Northpremiered in 2009
Benjamin TaylorShipbreakingcommissioned, premiered in 2012
Jacob Ter VeldhuisBillie
Jacob Ter Veldhuis – The Garden of Love

Sax Quartet:

Kati Agócs – Hymn
Greg August – Affirmation
Kathleen Bader – Roadways
Tim Berne – Repulsion
Miguel BolivarSaxophone Quartet #1premiered in 2008
Miguel Bolivar – Saxophone Quartet #2, Phases of Lovepremiered in 2012
Benjamin Boone – Alley Dance
Steven BryantRise
Matthew Burtner – Incantation S4=X
Evan Chambers – The Trouble With The Wind
Donnacha Dennehy – Rooney’s Centre for Mild, Medium-Lasting, Artificial Happiness
Michael Djupstrum – Test
Jean Françaix – Petit Quatuor pour Saxophones
Philip Glass – Saxophone Quartet
Gilbert GalindoWondrous Freedom
Anthony Gatto – Plastic Facts (Les Sons Multiples)
Michael Gordon – Low Quartet
Ying-Chen Kao: Frustration Factorycommissioned, premiered in 2010
Adam Knauss – Prelude and Fuguepremiered in 2008
Geoff KnorrSax Quartetpremiered in 2004
George Lam – Possible Objects
David Lang – Revolutionary Etudes
David Lang – wed
Paul Leary – “I Have A Past Life Memory From The War That Blew The Fifth Planet Into The Asteroid Belt” and other stories from AM Radio
David Maslanka – Recitation Book
Russel NadelWailpremiered in 2005
Russel Peck – Drastic Measures
Astor Piazzola – Histoire du Tango, arranged for sax quartet
Paul Pinto – Saxophone Quartet
Jean Rivier – Grave et Presto
Steve ReichNew York Counterpoint
Erin RogersUrban Composites
Mattias Sköld – Ups & Downs
Jacob Ter Veldhuis – Heartbreakers
Ken Thomson – 4+4premiered 2013
Ken Thomson – music for trainspremiered 2013
Michael Torke – July
Daniel WohlMicrofluctuations in Plainchant

Saxophone and Piano/Large Ensemble:

William Albright – Sonata
William Bolcom – Lilith
Miguel Bolivar – Concertinocommissioned, premiered in 2013
Paul Creston – Sonata
Ingolf Dahl – Concerto
Alfred Desenclos – Prelude, Cadence, et Finale
Alexander Glazunov – Concerto
John Harbison – San Antonio
Jacques Ibert – Concertina da Camera
Wolfgang Jacobi – Sonata
John Anthony Lennon – Distance Within Me
Lawson Lunde – Sonata
Frank Martin – Ballade
Darius Milhaud – Scaramouche
Robert Muczynski – Sonata
Ned Rorem – Picnic on the Marne
Maurice Whitney – Introduction and Samba