Cucumbers & Gin

Cucumbers & Gin is done! I first mentioned this project in November when we were fundraising through Kickstarter. Kevin Clark organized the project to create a recording of his solo violin piece Cucumbers & Gin and make a semi-documentary video of the session. In April, after much planning, I recorded the piece in a beautiful Brooklyn apartment with Sean-David Cunningham on violin. The past months were spent editing and finalizing the video. A special thanks to Alan Jeffries who did an amazing job shooting and editing the video.

Our awesome crew:
Sean-David Cunningham, Violin
Zach Herchen, Music Recording Engineer
Alan Jeffries, Director, Editor, DP
Michael Feldman, Associate Producer
Dave Yim, Assistant Director
Kate Perkins, 2nd Camera Operator
Gillian Arthur, Production Sound
Ben Horowitz, DIT
Victoria Nece, Layout and Design

You can read all about the project, watch the video alongside the score using Noteflight, and check out cocktail recipes created for the project on his website.

Video from YouTube.