Wow, it has been far too long since posting. I’ve been busy moving to a new apartment, making DVDs of Spring concerts for a few schools, performing at Spectral Summer in Boston, and (currently at) SICPP in Boston!

Now, more about the video above. The Seafarer is a composition by my good friend Kevin Clark. During the past 3 years we and many talented people slowly produced a video for his piece. Everything was done in free time every now and then, but we’ve finally got it done and I love the result! This project is actually my first sound design work and was a ton of fun to do.

You can check out Kevin’s site for all the details, including this snippet:

The Seafarer adapts an Old English poem about the suffering and joy of the sea. It began as a concert piece for acting cellist, and grew into a film. The translation into modern English was made by Burton Raffel, and is used by kind permission of the Yale University Press, as printed in Poems and Prose from the Old English.

Cello and Performance – Rachel Gawell
Voice Performance – Claire Buckingham

Director and Co-Editor – Michael Feldman
Composer andProducer – Kevin Clark
Sound Recording/Design – Zach Herchen
Visual Effects – Victoria Nece
Editor and Assistant Director – Brian Hedden
Cinematographer – Antonio Cisneros
Sound Operator – Gillian Arthur
Production Assistants – Josh Feldman, Ben Johnson

Video from YouTube.